PBL Workshop Options

Ginger Lewman, PBL, ESSDACKThe old-style one-day sit-n-get staff development days are over. If we want our school communities to do something different for our kids’ futures, professional learning must happen over time. Educators must be allowed time to really dig deep into a topic or strategy as we consider their impact, try the strategies out with our students, ask questions, build lessons and community adaptations, dig even deeper, and become fully immersed in the process of learning.

Toward that end, I offer the following options for communities who are ready to make a difference for their kids.

1-day Introduction

  •         What is PBL?
  •         What isn’t PBL?
  •         Experience an example and see how it ties to standards and skills
  •         Experience tech integration
  •         See some additional examples
  •         Lots of Q&A opportunity

Ginger Lewman, PBL, ESSDACK

2-day Going Deeper
all of the above +

  • FAQ of PBL — assessment, grouping, driving questions, class management, building a “launch,” building authenticity and relevance, etc
  • Lesson plan structure
  • More examples
  • Start to build lessons and ask questions relevant to your community needs
  • LOTS of individualization, customization, examples, and Q/A


4-day Immersion and building
(recommended: days 1 & 2 back-to-back, 3 and 4 separated)

  •         All of the above +
  •         Continue to build lessons
  •         Tech integration–more tools, more practice
  •         Content integration–build it deeper with wider relevance
  •         More Q/A (teachers think they get it until they’re actually doing it)
  •         Presenting what they’re buildingGinger Lewman, PBL, ESSDACK


4-day + monthly follow up Google Hang Out (or Skype) check-in’s
all of the above +

  •         Monthly hour-long Google Hangout (or Skype) conversations
  •         Teachers share triumphs and struggles
  •         Ginger models questioning and support
  •         Teachers ask questions and make next-step plans
  •         Ginger provides a challenge(s), taking them to their appropriate next step

Ginger Lewman, PBL, ESSDACK


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