LifePractice PBL

If our schools are supposed to be preparing our children for the real world, why don’t they look, act, and feel more like the real world than what they currently do?

The LifePracticePBL model takes Project Based Learning to the next level, by integrating core content with technology and a 21st Century environment. K12 learners are engaged in authentic collaboration and problem-solving, and developing real-world skills and habits.

They’re practicing real life…right now.

Learn more about PBL recipe cards here.
With the LPM recipe cards, you and your students will be “cooking” in no time!

Check out the “menu of studios” for professional learning events. Scroll down to see my PBL training options or read the menu here.

Some of the workshops I offer:

PBL Cooking School 101: Learning the Ingredients
half-day, full-day
Audience: K12 teachers, administrators, students

Project Based Learning is more than simply letters in the educational alphabet soup. PBL is a tried- and-true recipe guiding new and experienced chefs as they learn to excite their learners, create a caring classroom environment, and keep students asking for second helpings of learning! We’ll learn the difference between projects and Project Based Learning and how to incorporate required standards, as well as play with a few essential collaborative technology tools. If you’re looking for an active learning experience at the beginner’s level this is the session for you.


PBL 201: Now We’re Cooking!
half-day, full-day
Audience: K12 teachers, administrators, students

You get what PBL is; you understand the philosophy and buy in to the basics of integrated, real life learning that looks and feels different than a traditional classroom. You’re ready for the details of how to get this meal to the table! In this very active, hands-on, advanced-level session, you’ll see the prep, the launch, and the work from a learner’s point of view. We’ll focus on important topics such as time management, grouping assignments, and fostering independent and responsible learners, as well as creating community buy-in.


Learning by Doing: The Big 5 Must-Have Tools for Learning by Doing
1 hour, half-day, full-day
Audience: K12 teachers, administrators, students

As we move from sit/get lessons into more active and authentic learning projects (a la Common Core), EdTech tools will be leading the way! Come learn about the “Big 5″ must-have tools for a stellar Project Based Learning classroom! (this is a broad view of 5+ types of tools, with many options for each type: video conferencing, collaborative documents, social networking, Google Alerts, blogging)


Leadership in a Project Based Learning Environment
half-day, full-day
Audience: K12 teachers, administrators, students

This workshop asks leaders to consider the must-have skills and dispositions that a leader must cultivate in him/herself while firing up the potential of the staff. We explore the hard questions and how we as leaders help our communities envision a better way.


At the Intersection: Project Based Learning, Career & Tech Ed, and Common Core
1 hour, half-day, full-day
Audience: admin, MS-HS teachers, career coaches 

In this session, participants will explore the crossroads of Common Core, Career and Tech Ed, Project Based Learning and we’ll begin to create a plan that helps take advantage of these commonalities for the benefit of our schools and students.


Creating the School of Your Dreams to Create the Life of Your Dreams
half-day, full day
Audience: students, parents, educators, Middle School & High School

In this session, participants will examine how to utilize strategies and tools to discover and grab their passions. We’ll learn some tools for entrepreneurship and how to intelligently use the online tools of today to become master marketers. It’s about creating your own path.

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