United Tools for Schools: #ToolTest15

2 09 2015

Most of my friends & colleagues are familiar with my work for the past decade in Project/Problem/Passion-Based Learning or more recently my work in STEAMmaker and maker education. But fewer know that I live and breathe technology education. After all, back in 2006 I became the director of a brand-new 1:1 MacBook school and in 2009 I became a Google Certified Teacher (now called Google Innovative Educator). But in fact, I rarely post about edtech because there are so many folks out there doing a top job!

However, today, I feel I must share something truly groundbreaking in edtech: the inspiring United Tools for Schools. UTFS is doing something no one else in education is — helping get some of the best edtech into the hands of schools — for free — to try out for a year with supportive professional learning. Check out this short video:

United Tools for Schools Selection Committee

United Tools for Schools Selection Committee

Sounds, great, right? I know! This is a great chance for schools to try out a selection of paid tools for one year and then vote up which tools they liked best. This allows us in the edtech world to have an impartial view of which tools are worth investing in. And best yet, have a true impact upon the learning of thousands of kids!

What are the tools involved? Glad you asked! Take a look at the ones already signed up! We’re waiting on the go-ahead from a few more, so you can see this is truly worth signing up for!

If you want to get your school involved, please visit the UTFS website and submit your pre-registration here.

Also, if you work for an edtech tool company that has a paid version you’d like to get  included in this great tool test, let us know. We’d love to get your work included into the Tool Test list for 2016!

Kevin Honeycutt and I were invited to come aboard UTFS this last Spring and it’s been an honor working alongside some true leaders in edtech such as Vicki Davis, Adam Bellow, Brad Waid, Pernille Ripp, and more!

Please, if your school could use some help with education technology and high quality professional learning, please do take a look at United Tools for Schools.




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