PBL Freebies for MACUL (Michigan’s GrandDaddy Tech Conference)

13 03 2014

This week, I’m hanging out, learning and presenting at MACUL, my 2nd year coming to Michigan for one of the nation’s largest edtechie conferences. I heard that they’re nearly up to 15,000 members. Impressive!

And it’s easy to see why. The people on the MACUL board and the vendors are some of the best I’ve had the chance to work with. And if my pre-con session yesterday was any indicator, the participants are also game…ready to take on learning and share what ideas and tools they already have in their toolboxes. I do love this conference and this state!

My work this week is to share strategies for “STEM in the K-5 classroom“, “The 5 Big Must-Have Tools in the PBL Classroom” (which turns out to actually highlight something like 40 tools–I’ve always had trouble counting), and a bunch of iPad apps for Special Education (“Access for All“). These are work-horse sessions, drawing inspiration from the students I’ve worked and learned alongside, and in turn, passing along that workaday experience for how to support teachers who are supporting good learning in good kids.

So in turn, as a gesture for my appreciation for this cold and snowy state and for the hardy do-ers of education serving kids here, I’m offering a MACUL14 special PBL freebie, available until I arrive home sometime this coming Saturday. (Sorry; it’s no longer available. You can find all our lessons at http://www.LifePracticePBL.org) It’s a smattering of the LifePractice PBL recipe cards, engaging lesson plans developed by Kevin Honeycutt and me, over nearly a decade of work in PBL schools.

Download these PBL lessons and take a look at the fun, hands-on approach to learning they offer, while still supporting a teacher to be flexible enough to meet the needs of his/her students. Each card is meant to be used elementary – high school and in an integrated, cross-curricular approach. It’s a no-fuss, no-muss type of engagement.

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