When We Just Can’t Burn Another Bridge

15 10 2013


A little something to help you with that kid today:

Eventually, in a life going the wrong way, we run out of bridges to burn. At that point, in order to survive, in order to make a better turn, a better decision, instead of burning one more bridge, we must light ourselves on fire. We must kindle a spark, no matter how tiny. We have to protect it, feed it, dote on it. And make it real.

The trick is to not let the fire consume us.

Because the world needs us.




2 responses

16 10 2013

Some days it is so hard to find that spark as a substitute teacher when you have been subbing for a really long time! But you have challenged me to continue nourishing my spark and the spark of those around me! Thank you!

16 10 2013

Glad to help. We all need all the help we can get, huh?

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