Harnessing an Independent Thinker

30 09 2013

A quick-publish this morning …
So you have students who refuse to follow the rules, do you? I don’t know about you, but as an independent thinker myself, I don’t mind being a “by the books” sort of person only when I feel I’ve had a hand in helping write the books.

And I suspect that my independent-thinking students feel very much the same way.

The more I give them true and meaningful control over their own lives and choices, the more they’ll follow my (our) rules… Which are basically the rules of society anyway.

One more thought…

Just who do I think I am to believe I can give power or control to another human being regarding their own lives? I think if I was more precise, I would say that instead of giving them control, I’m merely loosening my death grip from around their necks.

It’s not that I’m giving them control; it’s that I’m loosening my need to control them. They already own their own lives and I’ve been trying to take that from them with my rules. No wonder they rebel. They’re simply trying to breathe.

If you want an independent thinker to do what you want them to do, give them more freedom.





2 responses

17 10 2013

Our students are given so many choices in their lives outside of school, down to customizing shoes, customizing their avatar on games, and such. Our society is all about individualization and customization. Then when they are in school, choices diminish and personalization is difficult to find. Even down to NCLB. Love the line “It’s not that I’m giving them control; it’s that I’m loosening my need to control them.” Thanks for the food for thought, Ginger!

18 10 2013

Dangerously true. Brilliantly empowering and challenging. If I may humbly add this line I learned at Carpe Diem Academy; “disciple without relationship equals rebellion”. Thank you Ginger for the deep thoughts. I appreciate them.

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