Do We Stay With The Flock or Do We Split?

27 01 2013

It was a nice day for January in Kansas yesterday, so my husband and I decided to get a little fresh air at Dillon Nature Center across town. As we did, we were surprised by a flock of geese.

The geese in this video came flying in high from the north then apparently spotted the pond below and tried about 10 times to descend and get a good landing pattern. Most decided to move on to another nearby pond but four were able to actually land on this one. Nature’s wonders.

But I wonder if there’s a story here for education. That staying with the flock, while it’s about instinct and safety, may keep us from landing in certain places. That sometimes only a few are able to peel away from the flock to try something different. And the flock moves along its more natural path.

Sometimes for survival we stay with the flock. But sometimes with perseverance a few of us prove that we can hit a target that we thought we might not originally be able to.

Bless those few.




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