PBL Success: A Little Amish School Committed to Big Change

25 01 2013
I’m headed out to my little Amish school for their monthly PBL checkup meeting. Love this group of willing/excited educators!Horse & Buggy

They have been doing school very well. Community is happy, State Dept of Ed was happy with their test scores, sure some of the kids were a little lackadaisical, but what kid isn’t?

Then they were challenged to do something different. To innovate. Because they can. So they chose PBL and invited me in to talk with them about it. This was less than a year ago.

They figured they’d try out one project per semester. So they started building. And soon, individual teachers were doing projects in their classrooms beyond what the school as a whole was trying out. Soon, all the teachers were moving from traditional to projects, to PBL. Their “one project a semester” is growing and growing and they are getting good feedback from their community. They’re proving that Learning by Doing isn’t just about the tech tools. It isn’t just for rich schools. And that it does fit into a traditional-minded community.

And I’m so proud of them. I’ve never seen a more committed bunch of teachers in ONE SCHOOL pull together to try something new, different, out of their comfort zones on behalf of their kids and community. They knew that if it was going to happen, they all needed to buy in and they needed ONGOING support. A one-shot deal wasn’t going to cut it. And they made the commitment to change.

I’m proud of you guys! It’s an honor to be there first-hand to watch you grow.




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