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I’m a national consultant & keynote speaker with ESSDACK, a non-profit education service center. I inspire and help all levels of educators figure out the in’s and out’s of Project/Problem Based Learning, technology integration, and working with gifted and high-ability learners.

I’m passionate about helping educators rethink and revision what teaching and learning can be in today’s world.

There’s nothing better than watching the faces of educators as they watch their own students get excited about learning and doing things that they never thought was possible. Because of my background as a learner, teacher, and school leader, I know exactly what that feels like. It’s the most awesome thing in the world…because in that moment, everything is possible and we want to do it again.

Ginger Lewman, PBL, ESSDACK

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27 08 2014

Hey Ginger: Last week I tweeted to you about ideas for good PBL design and lessons you’ve seen that are effective. I do workshops with teachers often and give them examples of work my students have done in a dual-credit senior English class. While some of these are adaptable for lower grades, I’m looking for lesson-design ideas I can share with both middle school and elementary teachers and also with teachers who teach other subjects. I’m especially interested in effective math/algebra/geometry projects as it seems to me that it’s harder to get math teachers to change from traditional methods to PBL.
I figured you are the best person to ask on this topic, so please enlighten me, O Wise One.

2 09 2014

Hello David! You might take a look at my http://www.LifePracticePBL.org site. I’ve put together about 64 (and counting) projects that are fully Math/Science/Social Studies/ELA integrated. Most also have the capability to add in both music and 2D/3D arts and engineering as well.

Additionally, we’re coming out with a specific STEM-flavored book of projects soon, but I can’t say how soon. It depends a lot upon when I can get the guidebook editing process finished.

I hope this helps?

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